Friday, May 1

If only I'd listened

I was my home economics teacher's worst nightmare. Not only did I lack any talent but I also made no effort whatsoever and was gobby to boot. Mind you, her antiquated opinions of a woman's role in life made me see red even in primary school. My teacher was so rattled by my unruliness she attempted to have me admitted to juvy, which did not go down well as soon as all other teachers knew me as a well behaved straight A student. (I was a right little Miss Jekyll & Hyde.)

In fact, bad marks in home ec are somewhat of a family tradition: Once upon a time my grandfather was called into my mother's school and told her teacher angrily his daughter need not learn to darn socks as they could afford to buy new ones. I come from a sassy clan I guess.

Anyway, now that my teacher is but a distant memory I do regret not learning how to sew - especially when there are so many dress patterns out there. I'd love to just choose my ideal fabric and make my cloths to measure. However, unless I undergo some serious training or acquire enough cash to have somebody else do it for me, it'll just have to remain a dream.

That junior dress on the right though.. maybe I could make peace with needlecraft..

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