Sunday, April 26

The Clover Dress

I have been waiting to post a picture of the Stop Staring Clover Dress I bought from the Red Dress Shoppe. It is such a dark green it comes off black unless I stand in direct sun light, but other than the colour difference it is just what I thought it would be. Looks like I'll have to start using the local dry cleaners after all: No way am I disregarding the care instructions.


  1. This dress is a dream, so beautiful. i love the touch of white and that great little bow tie! it kinda reminds me of a Dear Creatures dress which isone of my favorite brands!

  2. I have some stop staring dresses that I have washed at home, I just hand wash with a gentle fabric cleaner and leave to dry flat on a towel.

  3. Thanks Rosina :-) I think I might wear this dress a lot more frequently knowing that.