Thursday, March 19

Houndstooth and floral print

I had a nasty cold last week and for some reason I always throw on this one rather girly flower print dress I got at H&M last year whenever I am under the weather. It is comfortable and knowing that I look reasonably presentable while I sniffle and sneeze mollifies me. I was half way to the corner shop to get decongestant when I looked down and had to laugh a little seing what a frump I looked wearing a smart houndstooth jacket and the floral print dress underneath. I could have caused a seizure.

Well, that's how I got to thinking of coats anyway and that in turn reminded me of watching The Happening and how while everybody was offing themselves I was admiring that coat Zooey Deschanel is wearing most the way through the film. That's one smart coat.

Mind you, I don't think it would go with flower print either.

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