Monday, March 16

Fire, walk with me

It is happening again

The loss of my Laura Palmer glasses as well as watching Mulholand Drive the other night reminded me of Twin Peaks again. The cinematography, uncanny depiction of small town life and outright bizarre elements of the story make it one of my all time favourite tv programs.

On top of all that, femme fatal Audrey (played by Sherylin Fenn) always gives me fashion envy. I have a soft spot for her jumper with the lacey panel, a number of her pleated skirts and those flat two-tone gangster oxfords. It looks like this year I may just be successful in finding two of those items. I have already seen a couple of similar jumpers at H&M and there are pleated skirts in all the shop window. I just have to find the perfect one at a price that doesn't take the fun out of it.

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