Friday, February 27

Back to the old URL

Hi guys

Just to let you know that as soon as I haven't been blogging for a while I am giving up this URL ( in March.

The blog will then reside back at it's old URL of

The feed URL will remain the same so if you're following via RSS or bloglovin nothing will change at all :)

Who knows, maybe I'll get back into blogging my daily wears once the weather warms up a little or find a new focus for this blog.

Either way, I am doing well - hope you all had a great start to 2015 too.

Be well and maybe see you soon,

Thursday, August 21

Life sign

Well, wasn't it ever a bright day when I took these! :)

It's been one gorgeous summmer, eventhough it looks like autumn came early. Really I can't complain. It's been hot and sunny all the way from May to the end of July. An all around atypical English summer ;)

Now it's starting to get cooler and stormier I am starting to think about projects for autumn and winter. I think I might just try out quiliting. I have always loved patchwork quilts. I got my first one for my 16th birthday and have bought two more since. I think it's just as well my fourth should be home-made :) Or so I hope anyway.

In case I don't write again until September: Have a fantastic August!

Wednesday, July 23

What I wore

I finally got myself a rain cover for my bike saddle! Purple. Panda. Perfection ;)

So. This is what I wore today :)

Yesterday I baked some Linzer cake for the first time in AGES. And when I say "some" I sure mean "lots". I use an old recipe and never can get myself to adjust the amounts to bake just the one cake. With a recipe that calls for half a kilo of butter, no wonder I ended up with 4 cakes in my freezer and another two ready to munch away on :) Baking in bulk is pretty neat though.

Tomorrow I think I am going to sew on a brand new & first patch I got for my denim jacket. Excitement ensues :)

Hope you are all having a very happy summer!
See you soon :)